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Dream 7/17/2017

This dream is a blur and I only remember pieces. I am in my last apartment and I walk out onto the balcony naked in the middle of the day. I don’t care at all until a woman with kids comes out on her balcony and then I feel bad to be flashing her kids and go inside. It was really sunny and nice outside and I felt good when I went out. The next thing i can remember is being in a restaurant setting. All the guys I am talking to are wearing Outback Steakhouse aprons and I am walking around in the kitchen. 

Dream 7/2/2017

This dream was pretty bizarre. I am living with my sister and maybe her boyfriend and they make me so angry, like I am really furious, and I throw them out. She is arguing to stay, but I force her to leave. For some reason I make all the animals in the house go outside as well. There is a dog, my cat and a stray that he likes to play with. When I let them out in the front yard my cat is hungry so he starts eating his friend’s leg. I am not sure if she is alive or not, but I can hear him tearing off her flesh and it’s really disturbing. She is just lying there with her leg up in the air and she looks like a stuffed cat now. I pull him off of her and tell him that it’s not okay to eat other cats. 

Dream 6/19/2017

I don’t remember the beginning of the dream, but I had a fight with one of my friends and I felt she owed me an apology. She shows up at my door and when I open it she walks up close to me. The background kind of fades around her and she say I’m sorry right before she jams a syringe the size of a turkey baster hard into my stomach and I have no idea what she is injecting me with. My stomach is cramping and I say, “What are you doing, what is that?” I’m standing there holding my stomach, it’s starting to hurt really bad and then I wake up.