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Little Things Week 5/28/2017

I met my mom for a hot yoga class at my favorite studio. It felt very challenging, but I like that.

I made dinner Monday night that was healthy and actually tasted delicious.

I skipped yoga Tuesday which normally makes me sad, but I slept in for the first time since I can remember and I feel a lot better. I need to get more sleep.

I went to calling hours for my cousin and when I looked at her she didn’t really look like herself. She was beautiful and it made me realize how much of that came from what was inside her.

I mowed my grass for the first time since high school and it was weirdly fun and satisfying. It looks soooo much better!

I don’t have a very busy schedule for the weekend which makes me feel good, relaxed and motivated to get on camera 🙂

I paid my rent and all of my bills on time and I still have money left over! This hasn’t happened to me in years!!!!

My cat didn’t wake me up early this morning and I actually got to sleep the whole night through. I feel so refreshed and grateful that he is finally adjusting to my new sleep schedule.

I have been craving healthy foods this week, I’m thinking that hot yoga class detoxes me a bit. I’ll take it.

I took a more advanced class at my favorite yoga studio and it felt amazing! The teacher said I did really well, which made me feel good. I also can’t remember the last time I slept so great.

I had one of my best nights on camera yet and I made most of my money in chat! I had a very successful party that went on for almost my whole shift!!! And I immediately went private when I ended it, a nice long one too 🙂

I started showing my whole body on camera instead of just my shoulders up and I actually feel comfortable to do so for the first time ever. 

Week of 3/26/2017

The universe is limitless, abundant and strangely accommodating. When I direct my attention toward the good things in my life, even better things start to happen. These were the good things in my life this week:

My new coworker and I have the same favorite radio station. For the first time in my nail career I will not be tortured with hits from the 80’s!!

Frank called to let me know everything is on schedule with the new house and I should be able to see it this weekend.

I bought a new vacuum cleaner. I no longer have to sweep in 5 minute increments, I can do the whole room and it doesn’t shut off! Oh, and it actually picks up cat hair. Glorious.

I polished my nails my favorite red, so much happiness.

I feel so strong at yoga this week. I no longer struggle to do a chaturanga throughout the entire practice. My hips feel much more open since I started camming.

Starting to pack a little. Anything I haven’t used since I moved into this apartment is getting donated. Best feeling ever.

Spring weather all week long. The air smells so delicious.  🌷

I may have found a way to eliminate some of my credit debt. I hope it works and actually improves my situation.

I printed some nice pictures of Bettie Page to hang in my room. I am largely inspired by her.

I did a lot of really pretty manicures this week. Lots of nail art.

Thunderstorms all night, so lovely.

I feel so good about the work I am doing right now. Both of my jobs make me feel good about myself and I actually enjoy them.

I finished a box of remover wraps at the salon and had exactly the right amount left.

I was so busy at the salon this week I barely had time to cam.

I hit 200 favorites on Flirt!

I had eggs and rice for dinner and it was exactly what I wanted.

I took my cat for a walk and he was so sweet and well behaved. He’s been really sweet lately, even cuddling with me a little 🙂

I got a message from another cam site wanting to recruit me on Twitter. They said my look will be successful. I know they reach out to lots of people, but it still felt cool.

I found a really cute outfit to wear Saturday night and it looked perfect even though it was too small. My fans all liked it.

I haven’t sat around my apartment bored since I started camming. It feels so much better. My life is so much better. I am growing in a wonderful way.

Week of 3/5/2017

The universe is limitless, abundant and strangely accommodating. When I direct my attention toward the good things in my life, even better things start to happen. These were the good things in my life this week:

I wasn’t planning to do errands, but I ended up checking three things off my to do list just because I felt like doing them.

I was driving to my friend’s house and I saw a car that was salmon color and another that was periwinkle on the way there.

I talked to the man who rents my friend her house and he has one available next month for $60 less than I pay for my shitty apartment. With utilities I will pay slightly more than I do now when I’m using heat, but it’s well worth it for the deal he is offering. The best part, there is a fenced in yard so I can let my cat play outside!

My cat just yawned and meowed at the same time. It was adorable.

Tuesday yoga class was extra challenging and it felt amazing. I love this teacher because she pushes me to advance my personal practice. I can almost do a headstand now! After class one of the girls commented on how strong my core got, which was nice because I hadn’t thought about it that way.

I have never been so happy to go to the grocery store. Feels great to have a kitchen filled with healthy foods and cook.

So far, I have only lost one client in my transition to the new salon and it was due to distance. She called me today to tell me how much she enjoyed coming to me and will I please text her still and keep in touch because she really likes me. I was flattered.

I felt very strong at yoga this morning. I didn’t have to modify my chaturanga at all for the first time because my arms didn’t feel tired.

My cat looks so cute bringing me the string from my pajama pants to play with.

The snow and scraping my car has not made me angry this year like it use to.

I booked some extra appointments this week by texting people I hadn’t seen in a while.

My client told me this morning that she thought my website was made by the company I buy my products from because it looked so professional!

An adorable little boy in a shopping cart riding past my and I at TJ Maxx gave us each a high five and a fist bump. So cute.

Week of 2/26/2017

The universe is limitless, abundant and strangely accommodating. When I direct my attention toward the good things in my life, even better things start to happen. These were the good things in my life this week:

I’ve gotten so good at duplicating Starbucks vanilla lattes that I have no desire to even go there anymore.

I updated my salon  website information and design and I love it.  It’s so pretty and me– I can’t stop staring at it..

I have noticed how much joy my cat actually brings me. He makes me laugh, smile and feel loved every day.

A contestant from the television show Nail’d It called me for an interview and said she likes my resume and I am what she is looking for! I am happy with my new job, but I hope we end up working together someday. I think she would be a great mentor.

I saw a car that was purple and blue ombre.

Salad kits are one of the best inventions ever.

I saw a license plate that said URTHE1.

I love when I take a really funny picture on snap chat and just sit here and laugh by myself at how funny it is before I send it.

My first day at the new salon my phone blew up with people texting for appointments and I ended up making pretty good money just by being there.

I wore a pair of jeggings that I usually don’t wear because they’re tight in the waist and felt amazing in them all day. My legs and ass looked great

I treated myself to some more Gardenia Woods lotion and bath salts. I took a really nice bath after work and my skin feels really good.

I made it to yoga after work for the first time in months. I had forgotten how relieving it feels to practice after a long day.

I had been thinking about how I wanted to get a plastic to go cup for my iced coffees and one of my clients randomly brought me one…and some delicious chocolate dipped apples.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first day off all week; slept in, sipped a latte and played with my blogs, sushi, light yoga at home and a hot bath.

Week of 2/19/2017

The universe is limitless, abundant and strangely accommodating. When I direct my attention toward the good things in my life, even better things start to happen. These were the good things in my life this week:

The weather has been so nice. It feels great to have the balcony door open and hear the birds. My cat is so happy and enjoying the fresh air.

I am so grateful for the extra work I was offered this week.

I had the opportunity to run the spotlight at a concert. I was nervous, but I’m glad I did something that scared me a little and it turned out just fine.

My toes looked so pretty in the shower this morning. I’m glad I polished them even though I was tired.

My cat and I took a walk today. I was sitting on the sidewalk and he cuddled up under my legs and wrapped his tail around me. I looked up and there was a rainbow above my head even though it hadn’t rained at all.

I found a lottery ticket next to my car door. It wasn’t a winner, but it is something I’ve been trying to manifest.

I fell asleep with my balcony door open and when I woke up the next morning the air smelled so good.

There is a gentle rain, but it’s still warm enough to leave the door open. It sounds nice while I’m working on the computer.

My cat had so much fun watching the birds, I love when he starts meowing and chirping at them.

I made Chicken Parmesan tonight and it actually tasted pretty good.

I did a yoga bind behind my back that I have never been able to do before.

The bright blue laces of my Puma’s make me happy. I’m really feeling these shoes this week.

I finally found a new space to rent for work! What a relieving feeling, I’m excited for the new opportunities ahead.

I knew turning in my key at the salon had to potential to be awful, but it just felt liberating.

I am inspired and excited to take my nail career in a new direction.

I took a yoga class for the first time in two weeks and it felt great. I’m ready to get back on schedule.