Little Things 5/7/2017 -5/20/2017

The universe is limitless, abundant and strangely accommodating. When I direct my attention toward the good things in my life, even better things start to happen. These were the good things in my life over the last two weeks:

Someone put a giant sign out by the road that says Sausage Sangwich $3.00 hahaha 

I got a $25 gift card for Kohl’s in the mail this morning.

I didn’t let the girl at the coffee shop complain to me about her allergies or all the shit other people don’t do when she’s gone. It was nice. I’m starting to feel like I’m over that place, which will really just benefit me as well.

Tuesday yoga was really nice. Hip openers this week and class was challenging, but not as difficult as it has been lately. And it was actually warm up there instead of freezing which was a really nice first.

My friends like to come over and kick it at my new house. I had a house full of people today and it was such a nice change from being cooped up in that tiny apartment where you feel like you can’t even move or relax. 

My co-worker referred to the band The Cranberries as The Raspberries. I chuckled for a good while inside.

One of my older clients and I were talking about fruit arrangements and she told me that she really only likes the balls.

I got asked out at a stoplight on the way to my friend’s house by the guy in the car next to me. I wasn’t interested, but it still made me feel good.

I’m feeling very strong and flexible at yoga lately. I notice a really huge difference in where I am now compared to last year. Things that use to be really hard feel good to me now, like binds. Boat pose use to feel impossible and today it was easy. 

Made eggs over easy for the first time in the new house and realized that its level, unlike my apartment.

Redeemed the Kohl’s gift card for a bottle of Guess Girl and with my coupons I only spend $3. 

I haven’t really had much time to write lately. This makes me happy because my life is actually getting exciting. 


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