Week of 4/2/2017

The universe is limitless, abundant and strangely accommodating. When I direct my attention toward the good things in my life, even better things start to happen. These were the good things in my life this week:

I received phone calls and/or texts from all of my recent ex boyfriends at the beginning of the week. So random and weird, but flattering.

I had a great shopping day! I only bought things I will use and found some great clothes and had the best lamb for lunch.

I organized everything to be packed and I got rid of everything I don’t use. I can’t believe I am still finding things to give away! I feel so much better knowing I don’t have shit I don’t need.

We got a massage chair at the salon!!!

I bought my mom breakfast and it made her really happy. It was also a really delicious buffet I had been craving all week. So satisfying, but no more buffets for like 5 years lol. So sick.

I was able to push up into a wheel pose at yoga. It was much easier than I expected. I have probably been capable of it for a while now and just didn’t think I could do it. I also received a compliment on my crow, which I can finally hold for more than 3 seconds.

My client texted me to tell me she found a polish color she likes and when she remembers the name she will tell me. A few minutes later she texts again to let me know the color was black. I can’t stop giggling.

I feel so in the flow today, like really in touch with the universe and myself. Just listening to myself a lot this week.

My cat has been waking me up by putting his paw over my mouth and letting his tufts of fur go up my nose lmao πŸ˜‚


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