Little Things Week of 7/9/2017

It’s the little things that really make me happy.

I made the model of the week list for the first time since I was new. It was only for a few hours, but still….

I woke up 15 minutes before my favorite coffee shop was gonna close and i just made it, phew.

One of the new shirts I got last week is getting soooo much attention online, I’m really surprised actually.

I had a shit night online Monday and I’m lying here feeling just as good as I do on a great night because I can see the dance I am doing and it’s beautiful.

I smelled fresh cut grass on my way to the salon and it reminded me of my dad cutting the grass when I was a kid and I realized I appreciated it all the way back then too.

One of the guys who hangs out in my room sent me the most flattering email just now. I love that the guys dream about me.

I took a belly dancing class tonight and it was super fun. When i started the class everything just felt right–the vibe, the room, the movements of my body.

My only nail client was a no show and I wasn’t even mad. Β I shopped a little instead and found some really great deals on stuff that I genuinely love.

I went to a new yoga class and had the hugest release I’ve ever had. We did a short meditation at the beginning and I sat still with tears silently pouring down my face the entire time. I didn’t try to hold it in for the first time and just let it happen. I cried throughut the whole class. But I know it was a release I had asked for earlier that day.

Had another record day. Not number one, but still really good. I’ve been meeting a lot of really cool people.

Rearranged my room and it feels perfect now. Got rid of a lot of clothes and made room for all the new things I can feel coming my way. My room is gonna have so many amazing angles for camera. Shit’s about to get creative.

Took Saturday night off and I am so glad I did. I really needed to just relax after how hard I worked all week and all the new ideas spinning through my head.

Dream 7/17/2017

This dream is a blur and I only remember pieces. I am in my last apartment and I walk out onto the balcony naked in the middle of the day. I don’t care at all until a woman with kids comes out on her balcony and then I feel bad to be flashing her kids and go inside. It was really sunny and nice outside and I felt good when I went out. The next thing i can remember is being in a restaurant setting. All the guys I am talking to are wearing Outback Steakhouse aprons and I am walking around in the kitchen. 

Little Things Week 7/2/2017

Good shit:

I felt like I got the best night’s sleep ever… My bed is like a cloud lately with all the pillows I got for it.

Just found out my favorite coffee shop is going to be open on the fourth, yay!

I use to be afraid of what I am capable of, but I don’t feel that way anymore. I am ready for me.

My neighbors have this bush, I have no idea what it is, but it has the most beautiful flowers all over it. They must have just bloomed– they are all different shades of pink and purple and cream.

I got a refund check in the mail today from my old internet provider. Guess they overcharged me, thanks!

I ordered a pizza for dinner and a girl I use to work wish was the cashier. She refused to take my money and gave me my pizza for free. Thank you!

My new glasses came in and they are sooooo cute πŸ™‚

Had a rough few days and didn’t make it to yoga much, but it was kinda something I needed in order to move forward.

There is a special going on at my favorite yoga studio for July and I’m gonna buy it. Unlimited.

I felt really really good at yoga during both classes I made it to. I was surprised because I hadn’t gone in so long. 

I found a bunch of really cute clothes this week, a mermaid bodysuit, the perfect sexy black bra, tanks lots of good stuff..

I had my best night on camera again! Totally random acts of love made my night amazing, like so much love I almost felt unworthy.

Dream 7/2/2017

This dream was pretty bizarre. I am living with my sister and maybe her boyfriend and they make me so angry, like I am really furious, and I throw them out. She is arguing to stay, but I force her to leave. For some reason I make all the animals in the house go outside as well. There is a dog, my cat and a stray that he likes to play with. When I let them out in the front yard my cat is hungry so he starts eating his friend’s leg. I am not sure if she is alive or not, but I can hear him tearing off her flesh and it’s really disturbing. She is just lying there with her leg up in the air and she looks like a stuffed cat now. I pull him off of her and tell him that it’s not okay to eat other cats. 

Little Things Week 6/25/2017

Some things that made me happy this week πŸ™‚

I went swimming for the first time this summer. 

These new sheets I got are the softest ever and the color looks so beautiful in my room.  They are an amazing pop of color in my room. I had no idea a set of sheets could bring me this much joy.

I got two amazing gifts in the mail this week from my cam clients.

I got all of my errands and not fun things done by Wednesday and the feeling of having nothing to do but cam and chill for five days is the best ever.

I have made a decision to quit my nail job by the end of summer. Being a model makes it harder every week to go back and I just don’t wanna!

I set up my new tv stand and I finally feel like my house is perfectly how I want it. Perfect for me, no excessive things or decor. Everything is functional and has a purpose just how I like it. 

I got online Friday afternoon and people were like lined up to take me private, some of them new to my room. What an amazing feeling. 

Hot yoga on Friday felt amazing as always. I felt some crazy shit happening in my third eye during shavasana. And slept like a baby afterwards, of course.

I walked into my house and just felt so grateful. I really love my life and everything in it right now. I feel like I have everything going for me.

My cat is lying under the sheer curtains as they blow in the wind and smiling sooo big. It makes him so happy, its his little thing.

I had many moments this week where I was able to step back and look at my actions and ask myself why. These led to many revelations regarding my lifestyle and choices.